New Zealand

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컴퓨터 하다가 문득 떠오른 6년전 사진들...

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090809_Worlds Steepest Street

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I recently saw an article that is regarding bicycle manias who try to subjugate the highest hill in the world.
The article said that subjugating the Worlds Steepest Street is very difficult and it is becoming a tourist attractions.
It is located in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Actually, I had been there, but I couldn't try to go up the hill using my bicycle.
The reason why I didn't bring my bike.

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

As you can see, there is signboard which is small and attractive at an entrance.
But three words 'Worlds Steepest Street' overwhelmed me.
If it is tourist attractions of our country, the signboard must be bustle and always under construction.

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Anyway, all houses are inclined. It seems irregular.

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Finally, I came up the highest hill in the world. It takes approximately 20minutes.

Is the fear of heights rational or irrational?
Well, it may be a logical fear to have.
As a matter of fact, my companion has acrophobia that's why my friend couldn't look around even open his eyes.

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This place gave me a unique experience. I seem to be interested in an attendance course to a company in houses.

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여행의 중간점 퀸즈타운,

아, 머리.. 풋풋하네.


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090331_New Zealand

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My desire of returning to New Zealand was natual.

At that time I don't have anxiety dragging at my heartstrings like this time.

Whatever people's views about the wisdom of that decision, now I was satisfied with energy got during my journey.
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