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I went to seoul in order to attend in a furniture exhibition at SEDEC because I could get a complimentary ticket from website.
This is the opening of problems. Free ticket.....
I can realize the reason why...that's right, The worst has come to the worst. 
To make short of a long story, that exhibition is totally shit.

I met Yoonchan and tried to forget the worst exhibition. I had a relationship with him when I study designing in Seoul National University. He came here Hongdae, the only reason for me. I sincerely thankful to him.
We are at an idle end during waiting other friend whose name is Donghyun

At that time, DH appeared in Hongdae.
 We concentrated his exhibition, in fact, his exhibition is better than funiture exhibition.

After that YT is coming. As usual, he was late.

YC, YT and me visit LSD Bike. LSD is moved just before, that's why today is my first visit in LSD.

The only thing I want to get is white frame that is constructed by columbus tubing and that's painting is unusual and unique.

Older brother YoungKyu remain young...getting younger.
The one of good mechanic, Sungjin, has fantastic leg. I desire to get.. like his figure.

Sometimes, YT is disguised to DJ.
But I've never heard his music.

I could read the photo album from MASH, As you can see the ficture is absolutely great.

YT show us his attractive bottom.

When it is near dark, I was fascinated by the scenic beauty.

YC lament his story of woman, but YT express his lovely heart to someone.

We shook hands, and separated.
I was able to laugh due to those guys.

When you guys are available, I want to invite my place.
 At that time, I believe YC, YT and me get together with each girl friend.

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